Sunday, October 18, 2009

Police: UConn Football Player Stabbed to Death

Jasper Howard was the Cornerback on the UConn football team. Jasper was awarded the game ball from that win, but soon after he was stabbed to death. Police are on the case now, they are being led to believe that this was a random hit on Jasper Howard. The incident happened after someone pulled the fire-alarm at a student dance on campus. Around 300 students attended the dance and when the alarm went of they all wen out on the streets. While on the street two fights broke out. That's when Jasper Howard was stabbed to death along with an unidentified person who is recovering. The police don't know who do this but are working hard on solving the case.

In my opinion whoever did this is a sick and vile person. Violence doesn't solve anything it only makes it worse. What puts it even over the top is that a student was stabbed to death on campus. I don't understand what would make a person want to kill another person. I get that you can hate a person but to act on it is completely wrong especially in the way that this person did. This person should be severely punished.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How much will Barack Obama bet on Afghanistan?

This article is about what Obama is going to do about the War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq. "As a candidate for the presidency, Obama declared the invasion of Iraq a diversion for America's war on terror and vowed to withdraw. By contrast, he called Afghanistan a "War of Necessity" and pledged to win. When he was elected to office he sent 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan for a total of 68,000 troops. The head general over in Afghanistan though is saying that there's no way that the United States is going to win the war in Afghanistan if Obama doesn't send 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Obama isn't sure yet what he wants to do. Many people are trying to convince to bring the troops home, much like Vice-President Joe Biden who is said to be the highest-ranking official trying to convince Obama to bring troops home and not send more. "CNN's most recent poll found that support for the war has fallen to a new low; just 39 percent of the public favor it. Fully 58 percent oppose it."

In my opinion I'm not sure if we should stay in Afghanistan or not, at this point I'm undecided.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama makes 2016 Olympic sales pitch for Chicago

In this acticle it talked about how President Obama and his wife went over to Denmark and are requesting that the 2016 Olympics be in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. Obama said, "Chicago is a place where we strive to celebrate what makes us different, jus as we celebrate what we have in common." President Obama also reminded the IOC members that Chicago has hosted large events in the past like in 1893 when they hosted the Worlds Fair or in 1994 when they hosted the World Cup. They were both successfull events in Chicago. Michelle also pointed out that "that city's community spirt and disire to meet challenges." Michelle also says, "It's about our responsibility as Americans not just to put on great Games, but to use these Games as a vehicle o bring us together, to usher in a new era of international engagement, and to give us hope and to change lives all over the world."

My opinion about this article is that I think it would be a great idea. I feel that if the United States gets the chance to hold the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, Illinois that it will be a great opportunity. It would be a great opportunity for America to show all the countries how we can be trusted. I also believe that if the Olympics were held in Chicago that it would give more jobs to people who are unemployed. The umemployment rate would go down and people wouldn't be in such harsh financial situations.