Sunday, November 8, 2009

'Christmas Carol' No. 1 at box office

All this article talks about is ranking movies over a weekend. The number one movie in the box office was 'Christmas Carol' with 31 million in the box office over the weekend. In second was "Michael Jackson's This is it." It dropped into second place on its second week with 14 million. Third in the box office was George Clooney's comedy "The Men Who Stare at Goats." That movie came in at 13.3 million. Fourth place in the box office this week was Cameron Diaz new horror flick, "The Box." It came in with 7.9 million. And according to this article the only newsworthy film that came out was "Precious," which was the Oprah-endorsed film. It was only shown in 18 theaters and it made 1.8 million. That means that's $100,000 a theater...WOW!

Personally th only movie that I would probably see out of all five of these movies would be 'Christmas Carol,' because Christmas is one of my favorite holiday and Jim Carrey is in it.

Fort Hood victims: Sons, a daughter, a mother-to-be

In this article it tells you about nine soldier who were killed in the mass shooting. The following is the list of men and women soldiers who died that day; Cheif Warrent Officer Micheal Grant Cahill from Texas, Major Libardo Edvardo Caraveo from Virgina, Army Staff Sargent Justin DeCrow from Indiana, Captain John Gaffaney from California, Spc. Frederick Greene from Tennessee, Spc. Jason Dean Hunt from Oklahoma, Sgt. Amy Krueger from Wisconsin, Pfc. Aaron Thomas Nemelka from Utah, Pfc. Michael Pearson from Illinois, Captain Russell Seager from Wisconsin, Pvt. Francheska Velez from Illinois, Lt. Col. Juanita L. Warman from Maryland, and Spc. Kham Xiong from Minnesota. In the article there was a little background of each. They were in a proper memorial service as well on Tuesday.

I think that what happened was absolutely horrible. When you read some of there stories it just sends chills down your spine. Pvt. Prancheska Velez was being sent home because she found out she was three months pregnant so not only was she killed so was her unborn child. Another is Spc. Jason Dean Hunt from Oklahoma who was a husband to Marikay DeCrow and they have a thirteen year old daughter. I wouldn't know what to do if someone that I knew or loved was ever killed in a situation like this or in war in general.

Dead wrong: Man attends own funeral after mix-up over body's ID

On the holiday known as, the Day of the Dead, a Brazilian man walked into his own funeral. The mans name was Ademir Jorge Goncalves he was supposedly found dead after a severe car accident. There was a funeral service the next day and that's when Goncalves walked into his own funeral. Everyone was dumb founded, because they didn't understand what was going on. The man that died ended up being a boy that lived in the same neighborhood as Goncalves who's family went looking for him. When the parents heard there son had died and was at the Funeraria Rainha das Colinas Funeral Home Monday morning.

This is article is crazy, definitely reminds me of something that would happened around the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is a holiday were people remember there loved ones that they have lost.

Tragic cases could change juvenile sentencing laws

This article is talking about what multiple people think about teenagers and how they should be sentence when then commit a very strong and violent crime. There are two cases being brought to the Supreme Court shortly. They are going to talk about if juveniles can be sentences to life in prison without parole. There are people in this article that believe in that and there are people who don't. In this article there are two cases being looked at. The first is occurs in Allentown, Pennsylvania where a twelve year old girl was walking home from the park (a block in distance) when she was abducted but a seventeen year old boy. The girl was beaten, raped and strangled. Their was also evidence in his backpack that he had been planning this for a long time. He had a piece of paper that read, "26 things to do to a girl in the woods." The boy was convicted and tried as an adult and sentences to life in prison without parole. There's another case that is talked about in this article, about a boy who participated in a fight with boys that lived across town. A friend had asked him to come with and help him get revenge. They ended up killing the other boy because they beat him so bad with a baseball bat. He was sentenced with third degree murder served 20 years in prison and has just completed his parole. He is now mentoring with kids on the streets about violence. He thinks that juvenile shouldn't get life in prison without parole. The two families cases are soon to be reviewed by the Supreme Court to decide whether or not juveniles should be able to get convicted and possible bring the death penalty back into action.

In my opinion anyone who ever hurts or kills another person should automatically be sent to life in prison. I do understand that some people can change though. So I think that depending on the case and how severe that it gets they should most definitely get life in prison. The question is do they get parole. In the first case about the twelve year old girl, I think that the boy should absolutely get life in prison with parole. That was an act that was planned out and he must be sick in the head to think or want to do that. I don't understand how some people could even think about hurting someone else much less kill someone that's an extreme.

Fort Hood shooting investigators appeal for help

In Fort Hood, Texas there was a mass shooting at the Post. The Fort Hood office of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command is seeking anyone who may have left the scene with evidence and that if you are or know of anyone who did to contact officials immediately. There was a statement that said such objects would help Army investigators and the FBI "in their bullet trajectory analysis of the scene, to insure the comprehensiveness of the ongoing investigation." Thirteen people, a dozen soldiers and one civilian died on Thursday do to the mass shooting. There was also an estimated forty-two wounded and it is unknown how many of them were wounded were from gunshot wounds. One of the many that were wounded was Pvt. Joseph Foster, 21, with his wife and six month daughter by his side he told reporters, "Not here at home -- but as we've scene, anything is possible. We are at War." In the article there were many other people mentioned and talked about in different ranks and positions. Also in the article is a statement that President Obama said when addressed about the situation. He said it was, "an act of violence that would have been heartbreaking had it occurred any other place." Obama also stated, "It's all the more heartbreaking and all the more despicable because of the place where it occurred and the patriot who were its victims." President Obama and Michelle will be attending the memorial service on Tuesday, for the patriots who died.

First off I have no idea who would ever do such a thing. Who would create such a horrid thing like this at such a place of pride and honor. I do not believe that this was a United States citizen who committed this crime. I don't think that any American would go against there country this far as to kill the men and women who go to war to protect our country from terrorists. I don't care what your opinion is on this war, no American would act out like this. I believe that this is an act of terrorism. I truly do, and when the investigation is over and they find the person who did this the should be sentenced to life in prison and should not have parole or bail. Their sovereignty should be completely taken away just like they took it from all of those people who died and or injured for our country.

Hurrican Ida moves into U.S. Gulf Coast

This is a weather related article about Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida is said to be a category 2 storm. They didn't explain in the article what that meant so I Googled it. A category 2 hurricane are strong enough were they can lift houses off the ground and damage doors and windows. Ida is the Atlantic's ninth named storm. It's being predicted that Ida is going to move north and if that happens they are guessing that it will drop back down and be a strong category 1 hurricane. The way that Ida is moving they're saying that within the next 36 hours Ida could hit from Grand Isle, Louisiana, eastward to Mexico Beach, Florida. Meteorologists are saying that Hurricane Ida will not his New Orleans, Louisiana, however the Gov. Bobby Jindal did declare the state of emergency in Louisiana. As of 7:00 ET on Sunday Hurricane Ida's winds were measured at 105 mph and there were higher gusts. Meteorologists are saying that on Monday the storm is going to weaken, and is going to lose tropical characteristics by Tuesday. Florida's Division of Emergency Management asked residents to have disaster plans in place.

In my opinion I'm glad that people are being prepared and ready if this storm gets stronger and people need to evacuate. I'm also personally happy that Hurricane Ida is not going to hit New Orleans, Louisiana. I have gone down to New Orleans twice sense Hurricane Katrina to help with clean up and re-building. They have made so much headway but yet they have so much more to go. There City has far to come before it will be back in shape. So I'm just thankful that Ida's not headed in that direction. As for were it's going to hit, I'm glad people are taking precautions and getting ready for what is to come. People need to be prepared in these situations and that's what there doing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Police: UConn Football Player Stabbed to Death

Jasper Howard was the Cornerback on the UConn football team. Jasper was awarded the game ball from that win, but soon after he was stabbed to death. Police are on the case now, they are being led to believe that this was a random hit on Jasper Howard. The incident happened after someone pulled the fire-alarm at a student dance on campus. Around 300 students attended the dance and when the alarm went of they all wen out on the streets. While on the street two fights broke out. That's when Jasper Howard was stabbed to death along with an unidentified person who is recovering. The police don't know who do this but are working hard on solving the case.

In my opinion whoever did this is a sick and vile person. Violence doesn't solve anything it only makes it worse. What puts it even over the top is that a student was stabbed to death on campus. I don't understand what would make a person want to kill another person. I get that you can hate a person but to act on it is completely wrong especially in the way that this person did. This person should be severely punished.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How much will Barack Obama bet on Afghanistan?

This article is about what Obama is going to do about the War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq. "As a candidate for the presidency, Obama declared the invasion of Iraq a diversion for America's war on terror and vowed to withdraw. By contrast, he called Afghanistan a "War of Necessity" and pledged to win. When he was elected to office he sent 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan for a total of 68,000 troops. The head general over in Afghanistan though is saying that there's no way that the United States is going to win the war in Afghanistan if Obama doesn't send 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Obama isn't sure yet what he wants to do. Many people are trying to convince to bring the troops home, much like Vice-President Joe Biden who is said to be the highest-ranking official trying to convince Obama to bring troops home and not send more. "CNN's most recent poll found that support for the war has fallen to a new low; just 39 percent of the public favor it. Fully 58 percent oppose it."

In my opinion I'm not sure if we should stay in Afghanistan or not, at this point I'm undecided.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama makes 2016 Olympic sales pitch for Chicago

In this acticle it talked about how President Obama and his wife went over to Denmark and are requesting that the 2016 Olympics be in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. Obama said, "Chicago is a place where we strive to celebrate what makes us different, jus as we celebrate what we have in common." President Obama also reminded the IOC members that Chicago has hosted large events in the past like in 1893 when they hosted the Worlds Fair or in 1994 when they hosted the World Cup. They were both successfull events in Chicago. Michelle also pointed out that "that city's community spirt and disire to meet challenges." Michelle also says, "It's about our responsibility as Americans not just to put on great Games, but to use these Games as a vehicle o bring us together, to usher in a new era of international engagement, and to give us hope and to change lives all over the world."

My opinion about this article is that I think it would be a great idea. I feel that if the United States gets the chance to hold the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, Illinois that it will be a great opportunity. It would be a great opportunity for America to show all the countries how we can be trusted. I also believe that if the Olympics were held in Chicago that it would give more jobs to people who are unemployed. The umemployment rate would go down and people wouldn't be in such harsh financial situations.