Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arizona boy who admitted killing father sentenced to treatment

How would you convict someone who shot and killed his father and another man? Now, what if that person was a eight year old boy? The child admitted to shooting his father, and another man in 2008 when he was then eight now ten years old. Vincent Romero, (the father) was twenty-nine years old and Tim Romans was thirty-nine. Romans rented a room from Romero's home in St. Johns, Arizona. The boy shot the two men on November 5, 2008 wit a .22-caliber weapon. The ten year old was sentenced on Thursday to a "in-patient-treatment." "Under the plea argument, he can be there up until he's eighteen,Apache Country, Arizona, Attorney Michael Whiting said after the sentencing. "We hope the treatment won't take that long. Obviously, it's not going to be successful if he is there when he's eighteen, and they are still treating him." It is known that the judge of the case ordered for follow-up evaluations every two and a half years to update court officials on his progress. The boys Defense Attorney Ron Wood said he was crying during the trial because he was "frightened." Whiting closed with, "There is not a question of who committed this crime. The question becomes, how does society and the court system deal with this crime?"

I have no idea how someone can shoot a person. It bothers me when my dad and brother go out hunting. So for someone that can just up and shoot there father and a roommate blows my mind. I'm glad that this boy is getting treatment, but in my opinion that's not a big enough punishment. He first needs to get better in treatment and then needs to be tried as an adult for shooting two men. If he doesn't get better from treatment he should be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Ex-U.N. inspector Scott Ritter accused in Web sex case

Scott Ritter served from 1991-1998 as the Chief United Nations Weapons inspector in Iraq. In November he was arrested for charges including indecent exposure, corruption of minors, and criminal solicitation. According to the Barrett Township, Pennsylvania, Police Department, Ritter was in a chat room using the username: "delmar4fun." The Police Department made up a profile named "Emily" and pretended to be a 15-year-old girl. "Emily" and "Delmar4fun" started talking and then "Delmar4fun" sent "Emily" a linked web site where "Delmar4fun" was masturbating. After doing that two separate times the Police called Ritter and told him about "Emily." Ritter then admitted also that he was in fact "Delmar4fun." Ritter was arrested on November 9,2009 on multiple charges. He's unsecured bail is also set at $25,000, but if convicted he could also receive up to seven years in prison.

I have absolutely no time or patience for some looser who creeps on young girls. I'm absolutely disgusted and mortified all at the same time. Who does he think he is doing this? He's got some serious mental issues if he thinks that doing this is okay. I don't care who you are you have to serve in prison for 10 years and no bail, and no getting out early. This person is disgusting! Also this makes me super nervous for the future for when I have children. I don't want some loony to talk to my son or daughter and send them a web video of him masturbating. How does a person think that's morally right? I don't understand. But to me Scott Ritter is no longer a man he's a sex offender.

Arenas could get jail time after pleading guilty to gun charge

Gilbert Arenas, a guard for the Washington Wizards, pleaded guily on Frieday to a felony for carrying an unlicensed pistol outside his home and or buisness. On March 26, 2010 Supreme Court Judge Robert E. Morin from Massachusetts will decide on the punishment against Gilber Arenas. Porsecutors are thinking that Aranas will only serve up to six months in prision, but the outcome of Arenas future is in the hands of Judge Morin. The talk is taht because Arenas pleaded guilty that he could get up to twenty-three months in jail. Others say he'll just be made to spend his weekend times in jail. The other questing is about his safety. Will Arenas be safe in prison? Or should he be sent to jail were the prisoners are less likely to hurt or threaten him?

I'm glad that Gilbert Arenas is going to jail for at least a short amount of time. It's a good thing, because he needs to learn his lesson and be treated like any other regular person. Athlete's and celebrities need to understand that they don't have special privledges just because who they are or what they do. This is why I think in Arenas's case it will show the rest of America that everyone is being treated equally and there will be concequences with your actions. I'm not the only one who thinks Arenas needs to learn his lesson. Click on the link and find out what other people have contributed about what they think about Arenas and what he did. http://http//

Democrats consider backup plan for health care reform

This article talks about the Senate race going on right now in Massachusetts, and what the outcome of the race is going to do with the new "Heathcare Bill." They think that the Democrate Represenative Martha Coakley is goinga to win. The "what if's" are starting to float around though about what would happen if Coakley doesn't win. The options for the bill then would be to:

  1. Pass health care reform bill before Scott Brown is seated.

  2. The House passes the Senate health care bill.

  3. Revist the idea of trying to push health care through the Senate with only 51 vote, a simple majority.

  4. Thry once again to get moderate Maine Republican Olympic Snowe's vote.

  5. Or, thier health care overhaul dies.

In my opinion they should have to wait on the health care bill until the Massachusettes Senate is elected. It's only fair. Also I wonder though why they can't wait. Why are they being so pushy about the health care bill? Are they hiding something?

Brooklyn man faces charge in JFK security breach

A man from Brooklyn is looking at a trespassing charge after causing a security breach a JFK International Airport on Saturday. Jules Paul Bouloute, 57, was arrested on that charge. A Transportation Security Administrator said the breech occurred at 3:30 p.m. when an individual entered the secure "sterile" area in Terminal 8 througha nonpublic, employee door used by the airlines. The breach forced authorities to evacuate the terminal and rescreen passengers. By 6:00 p.m. authorites had finished the rescreening and had opened the terminal, said Coleman. He also soaid that security cameras captured the image of the person responsible.

In my opinion its common knowledge that if something says like "Do Not Enter" or your in a public place and you don't know whats behind the door, don't go in it. You just look stupid for doing that and evacuating the entire airport. I mean just think about all the damage that was done because some guy walked through a door he wasn't suppose to. I don't care what age you are. Many people's flights were delayed for a stupid mistake that one person made. But in a way I guess this man showed America that security really is good in airports and they're being more careful. It personally makes me feel safe just knowing that they stopped everything and re-checked everything after this issue.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

U.N.: More than 100 staff missing

There was a horrible earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday and there were a number of aftershocks. As man as 150 members of the U.N. mission in Haiti remained unaccounted for Wednesday afternoon following an earthquake that inflicted massive damage on the caribbean nations capital, UN officials said Wednesday. Alain Le Roy, the undersecretary-general for peacekeeping operations even said "It's obvious that the number of casualities and fatalities will be actually big." Reporst are showing though that amound the missing were the two top civilian officials at the mission, special Representative Hedi Annabi, of Tunisia, ad his top deputy, Luiz Carlos da Coasta of Brazil, Le Roy said. Another 14 members of the Brazilian - led peacekeeping force in Haiti - 10 Brazilians, 3 Jordanians, and one Haitian had been confirmed dead by Wednesday evening, he said.

I hadn't really watched the news or heard about detail about the earthquake in Haiti. I had no idea the impact that it had. It was a such a big one to, 7.0 to be exact. I just didn't realize the damage that it not only had on Haiti but accross the world. There were people in Haiti from all over the world. This is definatly a worldwide disaster and everyone is being so careing and wanting to help.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Freeze may take heavy toll on Florida citrus

Did you know that Florida's citrus is a $9.3 billion industry? Or that the state produces three-quarters of th United States' orange crop and forty percent of the worlds orange juice supply? That is one of the few facts that help tell the story about the florida freeze. What's going on is that Florida is getting some unusual weather. Fridged temperatures threatened Florida citrus crops, most of the southeast plunged into the teens Monday morning. In Tallahasse it was only sixteen degrees, and south of Orlando in places it was less than thirty degrees. Miami barely got into the forty's, when usually this time of year they're in the high seventy's. Finally the National Wather Service issued a hard freeze. This was bad news fo citrus trees, becaue they rarely survive when temperatures remain in the mid twenties or elow for longer tan four hours, said Kristen Gunter, a spokeswoman for the association of companies that pick and process the oranges. This link is a short video clip that talks to a few farmers about how they are working with the weather and what it's doing to their crops. Some are watering so they crops freeze and will re-bloom. While others are taking their crops out and selling them at markets. http://

I can't believe that the temperatures are that low in Florida that's crazy. When I think of Florida I think of warm, beaches, and fun. So reading about Florida in this condition was weird. after watching the linked video though I think that it's good that the farmers are staying positive. It's good that there trying to save their crops and sell them.