Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fort Hood shooting investigators appeal for help

In Fort Hood, Texas there was a mass shooting at the Post. The Fort Hood office of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command is seeking anyone who may have left the scene with evidence and that if you are or know of anyone who did to contact officials immediately. There was a statement that said such objects would help Army investigators and the FBI "in their bullet trajectory analysis of the scene, to insure the comprehensiveness of the ongoing investigation." Thirteen people, a dozen soldiers and one civilian died on Thursday do to the mass shooting. There was also an estimated forty-two wounded and it is unknown how many of them were wounded were from gunshot wounds. One of the many that were wounded was Pvt. Joseph Foster, 21, with his wife and six month daughter by his side he told reporters, "Not here at home -- but as we've scene, anything is possible. We are at War." In the article there were many other people mentioned and talked about in different ranks and positions. Also in the article is a statement that President Obama said when addressed about the situation. He said it was, "an act of violence that would have been heartbreaking had it occurred any other place." Obama also stated, "It's all the more heartbreaking and all the more despicable because of the place where it occurred and the patriot who were its victims." President Obama and Michelle will be attending the memorial service on Tuesday, for the patriots who died.

First off I have no idea who would ever do such a thing. Who would create such a horrid thing like this at such a place of pride and honor. I do not believe that this was a United States citizen who committed this crime. I don't think that any American would go against there country this far as to kill the men and women who go to war to protect our country from terrorists. I don't care what your opinion is on this war, no American would act out like this. I believe that this is an act of terrorism. I truly do, and when the investigation is over and they find the person who did this the should be sentenced to life in prison and should not have parole or bail. Their sovereignty should be completely taken away just like they took it from all of those people who died and or injured for our country.

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