Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hurrican Ida moves into U.S. Gulf Coast

This is a weather related article about Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida is said to be a category 2 storm. They didn't explain in the article what that meant so I Googled it. A category 2 hurricane are strong enough were they can lift houses off the ground and damage doors and windows. Ida is the Atlantic's ninth named storm. It's being predicted that Ida is going to move north and if that happens they are guessing that it will drop back down and be a strong category 1 hurricane. The way that Ida is moving they're saying that within the next 36 hours Ida could hit from Grand Isle, Louisiana, eastward to Mexico Beach, Florida. Meteorologists are saying that Hurricane Ida will not his New Orleans, Louisiana, however the Gov. Bobby Jindal did declare the state of emergency in Louisiana. As of 7:00 ET on Sunday Hurricane Ida's winds were measured at 105 mph and there were higher gusts. Meteorologists are saying that on Monday the storm is going to weaken, and is going to lose tropical characteristics by Tuesday. Florida's Division of Emergency Management asked residents to have disaster plans in place.

In my opinion I'm glad that people are being prepared and ready if this storm gets stronger and people need to evacuate. I'm also personally happy that Hurricane Ida is not going to hit New Orleans, Louisiana. I have gone down to New Orleans twice sense Hurricane Katrina to help with clean up and re-building. They have made so much headway but yet they have so much more to go. There City has far to come before it will be back in shape. So I'm just thankful that Ida's not headed in that direction. As for were it's going to hit, I'm glad people are taking precautions and getting ready for what is to come. People need to be prepared in these situations and that's what there doing.

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