Sunday, November 8, 2009

'Christmas Carol' No. 1 at box office

All this article talks about is ranking movies over a weekend. The number one movie in the box office was 'Christmas Carol' with 31 million in the box office over the weekend. In second was "Michael Jackson's This is it." It dropped into second place on its second week with 14 million. Third in the box office was George Clooney's comedy "The Men Who Stare at Goats." That movie came in at 13.3 million. Fourth place in the box office this week was Cameron Diaz new horror flick, "The Box." It came in with 7.9 million. And according to this article the only newsworthy film that came out was "Precious," which was the Oprah-endorsed film. It was only shown in 18 theaters and it made 1.8 million. That means that's $100,000 a theater...WOW!

Personally th only movie that I would probably see out of all five of these movies would be 'Christmas Carol,' because Christmas is one of my favorite holiday and Jim Carrey is in it.

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