Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arenas could get jail time after pleading guilty to gun charge

Gilbert Arenas, a guard for the Washington Wizards, pleaded guily on Frieday to a felony for carrying an unlicensed pistol outside his home and or buisness. On March 26, 2010 Supreme Court Judge Robert E. Morin from Massachusetts will decide on the punishment against Gilber Arenas. Porsecutors are thinking that Aranas will only serve up to six months in prision, but the outcome of Arenas future is in the hands of Judge Morin. The talk is taht because Arenas pleaded guilty that he could get up to twenty-three months in jail. Others say he'll just be made to spend his weekend times in jail. The other questing is about his safety. Will Arenas be safe in prison? Or should he be sent to jail were the prisoners are less likely to hurt or threaten him?

I'm glad that Gilbert Arenas is going to jail for at least a short amount of time. It's a good thing, because he needs to learn his lesson and be treated like any other regular person. Athlete's and celebrities need to understand that they don't have special privledges just because who they are or what they do. This is why I think in Arenas's case it will show the rest of America that everyone is being treated equally and there will be concequences with your actions. I'm not the only one who thinks Arenas needs to learn his lesson. Click on the link and find out what other people have contributed about what they think about Arenas and what he did. http://http//

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