Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arizona boy who admitted killing father sentenced to treatment

How would you convict someone who shot and killed his father and another man? Now, what if that person was a eight year old boy? The child admitted to shooting his father, and another man in 2008 when he was then eight now ten years old. Vincent Romero, (the father) was twenty-nine years old and Tim Romans was thirty-nine. Romans rented a room from Romero's home in St. Johns, Arizona. The boy shot the two men on November 5, 2008 wit a .22-caliber weapon. The ten year old was sentenced on Thursday to a "in-patient-treatment." "Under the plea argument, he can be there up until he's eighteen,Apache Country, Arizona, Attorney Michael Whiting said after the sentencing. "We hope the treatment won't take that long. Obviously, it's not going to be successful if he is there when he's eighteen, and they are still treating him." It is known that the judge of the case ordered for follow-up evaluations every two and a half years to update court officials on his progress. The boys Defense Attorney Ron Wood said he was crying during the trial because he was "frightened." Whiting closed with, "There is not a question of who committed this crime. The question becomes, how does society and the court system deal with this crime?"

I have no idea how someone can shoot a person. It bothers me when my dad and brother go out hunting. So for someone that can just up and shoot there father and a roommate blows my mind. I'm glad that this boy is getting treatment, but in my opinion that's not a big enough punishment. He first needs to get better in treatment and then needs to be tried as an adult for shooting two men. If he doesn't get better from treatment he should be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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