Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ex-U.N. inspector Scott Ritter accused in Web sex case

Scott Ritter served from 1991-1998 as the Chief United Nations Weapons inspector in Iraq. In November he was arrested for charges including indecent exposure, corruption of minors, and criminal solicitation. According to the Barrett Township, Pennsylvania, Police Department, Ritter was in a chat room using the username: "delmar4fun." The Police Department made up a profile named "Emily" and pretended to be a 15-year-old girl. "Emily" and "Delmar4fun" started talking and then "Delmar4fun" sent "Emily" a linked web site where "Delmar4fun" was masturbating. After doing that two separate times the Police called Ritter and told him about "Emily." Ritter then admitted also that he was in fact "Delmar4fun." Ritter was arrested on November 9,2009 on multiple charges. He's unsecured bail is also set at $25,000, but if convicted he could also receive up to seven years in prison.

I have absolutely no time or patience for some looser who creeps on young girls. I'm absolutely disgusted and mortified all at the same time. Who does he think he is doing this? He's got some serious mental issues if he thinks that doing this is okay. I don't care who you are you have to serve in prison for 10 years and no bail, and no getting out early. This person is disgusting! Also this makes me super nervous for the future for when I have children. I don't want some loony to talk to my son or daughter and send them a web video of him masturbating. How does a person think that's morally right? I don't understand. But to me Scott Ritter is no longer a man he's a sex offender.

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